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Emergency Electricians Operating 24/7 in Sydney

We know how much of an impact can an electrical issue be whether it is your residential or commercial property. That’s why we have established our emergency electrician services. Upon your call, one of our expert electricians will be answering to coordinate everything necessary. Regardless of the severity of the problem, we will give our 100% attention to it.

Our electricians first carry out an electrical inspection of the premises. We then intervene quickly by isolating the fault and securing the premises to perform the necessary work to repair the system and to replace the defective parts, if necessary.

Indeed, the field of electricity is not to be taken lightly and it is always highly recommended to call on professionals like our electricians rather than managing the problems oneself: they are complex and dangerous installations which require know-how and specific skills.

An emergency electrical issue is the last thing to not care about – it is crucial in terms of the safety of your premises and more importantly, your wellbeing.

Our emergency services offered:

  • Quick repair of damaged power lines
  • Repairing faulty electrical panels
  • Repairing faulty outlets
  • Blown fuses
  • Short circuits
  • Upgrades of switchboards
  • Replacing melted wires immediately

In general, we can repair equipment out of order, diagnose the origin of annoying crackling, implement the necessary measures for your safety, change an out of service installation after a short circuit, and perform a safety test in your premises.

Do you have an electrical problem to solve urgently? Our certified electricians are ready to help you

Don’t attempt to handle your emergency by yourself

Faced with a power outage, it can be tempting to be the hero and fix it yourself, thinking to save money as well. However, a work of this nature can be and will be more complicated than expected, even dangerous! It is necessary to have the fundamental knowledge and practice before venturing to hazardous handling, which can lead to electrocution.

In most cases, you won’t have the required tools and equipment to fix the issue. You are facing the risk of worsening the situation by trying it to fix. ASSA is taking the full responsibility – you will save time and money by choosing us.

Diagnosing the cause of the emergency is as important as fixing it. It could be circuit overload or damaged cables and you wouldn’t know the difference. Leave it to professionals – ASSA to take care of everything.

There are only a handful of electrician services that operate 24/7 in Sydney and we are one of them. It takes lots of effort and commitment to establish an emergency electricity service and we have been able to do that thanks to our brilliant team of electricians and their willingness to help our customers.

Utilizing only the best tools and equipment, we are quick in determining the cause of the emergency and even quicker at fixing it. All of our jobs are 100% guaranteed and insured so that you can sit back and relax.

A power outage can affect anyone, and quickly become problematic. That’s why it’s essential to have a competent and qualified electrical service technician in Sydney who will be able to respond quickly, 24/7, to your home or office.

Problems with the electricity must be taken seriously. We must quickly take the necessary steps to provide a solution since even a slight issue can become more serious and have an impact on your living environment or work.

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