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Jobs That Only Level 2 Electricians Can Handle

Jobs That Only Level 2 Electricians Can Handle

When it comes to handling any electrical jobs on your property, it is important that you hire the services of licensed and insured electricians. However, there are certain tasks that can be handled only by Level 2 Electricians. These professionals undergo additional training and certification and are able to handle a range of specialised electrical services such as:

  • Increase of existing load– A switchboard upgrade will need the services of a level 2 electrician. This is because when upgrades are being conducted, the power would have to be disconnected and reconnected to the work is complete. The professional will also connect the new mains to the network and this is a task that only a certified level 2 electrician can handle.
  • Cable UV damage repairs– The summer months can get pretty hot in Sydney, and the soaring temperatures can cause a significant amount of damage to power cables. The heat impacts the insulation coating and exposes the copper wiring, which can lead to a significant number of problems. This damage needs to be repaired without delay and a Level 2 electrician would be needed to handle this job.
  • Overhead services– Most properties get their power supply via overhead lines. These lines are drawn from the outdoor street poles to private poles on your property. In some cases, they may extend to a point where an attachment bracket is installed on the roof or facia of your property.
  • Underground services– If the service line is installed underground from the main network, any repair work would involve excavation within your property walls as well as outside the boundary at the point where the pillar connection is needed. At this point, the line would have to be installed in a trench enclosure, and the job needs to be completed as per stringent guidelines. This too is a very specialised job that a Level 2 electrician would be able to handle.
  • Disconnection and reconnection of electrical mains– Our expert Level 2 electricians can extend power lines within the electrical network and the client’s property. In addition, we can reconnect as well as disconnect underground and overhead lines as well.
  • Temporary builder’s supply– When a property is under construction, the builders require power supply to carry out all the work. A level 2 electrician would be able to extend the power lines to your property when the construction work is in progress.

Aside from these tasks, a Level 2 electrician will also fix problems in your electrical system that have been brought to your notice by the supply authority. You are typically given 14 days to fix these faults, or else they will shut off your power. If you have received this kind of a defect notice, it is important that you contact us without immediately, and we will send out experienced and licensed Level 2 two electricians to your property without delay.

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