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Thanks to our years of experience, we can offer you a wide range of guaranteed products, always offering the best from a technological point of view, innovation and effectiveness, in accordance with your needs for air conditioning and with an eye in terms of efficiency and energy saving , we do everything to air-condition your home or business premises .

We guarantee the high quality of products by selling to private individuals and companies only air conditioners and air conditioning systems of well-known and established brands, such as Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin [insert or remove brands], for total well-being and full respect for the environment.

All types of air conditioners

Offering a wide range of quality products, we pride ourselves in being a diverse service. Take a closer look at our product range:

  • Ducted Systems
  • Split Systems
  • Air Conditioners for Rooms
  • Multi-Split Systems
  • Inverter Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is a complex device, which is not enough to simply plug into an outlet so that it begins to operate. Correct choice, professional installation and qualified warranty and service of an air conditioner are absolutely crucial.

Reliable operation of the air conditioner is guaranteed by specialized companies selling climate equipment, which will help to make the necessary calculations, if necessary, develop a draft air conditioning system, provide professional installers and follow the condition of the air conditioner throughout the life of the system. Statistics are inexorable: 80% of all defects that are detected in air conditioning systems are the result of illiterate installation, produced by private masters and one-day firms.

We offer a through service from sales to installation and maintenance.

We do not only take part in the sales stage but also in the installation and maintenance. Here is what lies behind our full air conditioner systems service:

Listening to your requirements and helping you to make the best choice in buying the air conditioner is our first step in the journey. Do you need air conditioning for your home or commercial property? Does it have to be energy efficient? Expect questions of this nature so that we – ASSA can make an offer to match your needs exactly.

Once you’ve got the product, we will install it on your property. Installation service will be very quick, efficient and according to all the regular standards. Let us work our professionalism, rest assured, you will be very pleased with our work.

ASSA is cooperating only with the best brands that are known for high-quality products all around the world.

Get ASSA’s help with your air conditioner choice and installation

Modern climate technology is multifunctional and reliable, it includes electronics blocks, it can be used in premises of different scales. Such equipment is not cheap, and many firms can set high margins, not guaranteeing the proper quality of air conditioners and their installation. The sale of air conditioners is a promising business, which, unfortunately, is not always conducted at the proper level. Where is it best to buy air conditioners?

The answer is ASSA. You might ask why, let us explain. When buying an air conditioner, one should not evaluate the cost of the equipment itself, but the so-called cost of ownership. Let’s say that today you buy the cheapest air conditioner and get it installed by a dodgy service to minimize the cost. Soon enough you will start to receive hefty electricity bills and regular faults from the air conditioner. These don’t and won’t happen with ASSA in the conversation. We sell only the best brands, install them with great precision and help you maintain it.

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