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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

This type of system is recommended in large houses, perhaps with more rooms or spaces distributed over several floors, where a traditional system of conditioning would not be able to cool all the rooms in an optimal and homogeneous way.

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Instead, this type allows to generate fresh air and to distribute it in all the other parts of the house with a ducting system installed in the rooms of the house. The ducted system is extremely silent; in fact, the outdoor units are all located outside the house, on a roof slab, or on a level terrace.

Moreover, it is also invisible to the occupant’s eye: since the only visible elements are the air outlet vents and any grids for the recovery of the same, which are easily camouflaged with the surrounding environment.

What does it mean to have a ducted air conditioning system?

Contrary to the common air conditioning systems, which require the presence of mobile or split machines in every room, the ducted system is perfectly hidden by ceilings or beams made of plasterboard, which could also create rather pleasant architectural effects within the environment.

The operation is completely analogous to a traditional system; also in this type of system, it is possible to choose the cooling and air dehumidification function.

The air introduced into the environment will be spread homogeneously throughout the house through a path consisting of ducts that end with the outlet nozzles located in each air-conditioned room.

The operation of the system is managed by a single remote point, from which you can choose:

  • the temperature
  • the switch-on and switch-off time
  • the operating speed
  • the dehumidification function to increase energy savings.

The main advantage of ducted air conditioning is undoubtedly the aesthetic one. In fact, it makes it possible to eliminate the clutter of a wall unit in every room that could interfere with the arrangement of the furnishings.

The energy consumption is lower if we compare it to a split system with the same size. The chilled air is in fact produced by a single machine for the whole house.

A good air conditioning system must have adequate sound level control to limit its noise level. From this point of view, the ducted system is certainly quieter, because the indoor unit is enclosed within a structure.

The ducted solution is definitely the most convenient for very large homes and for those that are developed on multiple levels, where in short it is more difficult to air-condition every single room.

The design of a ducted air conditioning system must be carefully made, in order to:

  • distribute the air flows uniformly, without creating currents or be directed at the people inside.
  • avoid sudden temperature changes between rooms.

Tips for installation ducted air conditioning systems

To avoid excessive energy consumption, you can opt for zone climate control, which allows you to differentiate the temperatures in the various rooms.

It is not necessary that the temperature difference is programmable in every room, but it is sufficient to differentiate, for example, living and sleeping areas.

The cleaning periodic can be done simply by removing the grids of the delivery nozzles.

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