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Mechanical Ventilation

The parking ventilation systems essentially meet two requirements:

  • remove pollutants
  • keep the fumes and hot gases released in the event of a fire under control by protecting the escape routes, facilitating access to the extinguishing and rescue teams.

The type of system proposed by ASSA is innovative, it provides for the ceiling installation of axial jet fans together with a series of accessories such as smoke sensors, pollutants detection system and regulation and control equipment. The air is fed into the car park naturally through the ventilation openings or mechanically through axial fans. The jet fans are evenly distributed in the parking lot in order to keep air stagnation points to a minimum. This type of fan guarantees a correct control of the air flow distribution, creating a continuous air flow, ventilating both the lower layer at ground level, removing the pollutants and the upper layers towards the ceiling, removing both the pollutants and the smoke.

They are required to be installed

In the event of a fire emergency, the system limits the propagation of smoke inside the parking lot, directing the flow of contaminated air towards the nearest extraction point. The system proposed by us offers the advantage of eliminating ducts with space optimization. This type of system is particularly suitable for parking areas with high limitations in height.

The main factor that determines the characteristics that a ventilation system should have is the number of cars moving along the parking lot at the same time. Often this amount is determined by the type of structure that the parking lot serves. For multi-storey residential buildings and shopping centres, the condition of permanent and distributed use of cars is generally accepted, while the number of moving vehicles varies from 3 to 5% of the total number of cars. A different situation develops in car parks of sports facilities, concert halls, airports, etc. Here, the number of vehicles in motion simultaneously increases to 15-20% during peak hours or at the hours that coincide with the beginning or end of performances.

It is important to highlight some of the basic operating conditions of the systems:

  • it is necessary to ensure an efficient and correct distribution of air throughout the parking lot and to avoid the introduction of fresh air into the exhaust openings in the shortest possible way;
  • the exhaust ducts should not, as far as possible, be too long, since at the end sections of such channels the risk of accumulation of a large number of pollutants with a significant excess of the maximum permissible concentrations increases;
  • it is necessary to control the quality of the external supply air;
  • there should be no stratification of oil vapours and exhaust gases.

In indoor parking lots, the noise factor is a big influence on security. Because of the high noise level near the parking lot created by the supply and exhaust fans in combination with the exceptional sound-reflecting ability of the parking lots used in building, you can simply not hear the approaching car, which is an absolute risk for people passing through the parking lot. In this regard, in order to ensure safety, it is advisable to install silencers.

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