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Multi-split Air Conditioning Systems

Is there a task to install air conditioners in several rooms? Solved, there are ways.

There are situations when it is required to install several systems in one apartment in different rooms. And many are asking: is it better to go with a multi-split system? The answer is yes. ASSA will install a multi-split system in your property while explaining why it should be the choice in some cases.

The main difference from conventional split-systems is that it is possible to connect several indoor units to an external block. Also, it is worth considering that besides blocks of different capacities and different series, you can connect blocks of different types: wall-mounted indoor units, cassette and etc.

How to choose a multi-split air conditioner system?

This question has puzzled happy owners of multi-room apartments and large commercial properties that require an air conditioner designed to cool several independent rooms with only one powerful external unit. There are 2 factors when it comes to choosing a split system; technical and aesthetic.

Technical factors

Indoor power units – this is more relevant to the task of selecting an indoor unit that can take a given amount of heat. The larger the room – the more powerful it should be: more heat exchanger, more powerful fan.

External power block – this is already a characteristic of the external part, i.e the power of the compressor, which is able to convert Freon from gas to liquid and vice versa.

Compressor capacity – All internal units are located at a distance from the outside, the total length of the route can reach up to hundreds of meters: not every air conditioner operate properly with such lengths and a capable compressor is required.

ASSA has a skilled team that can easily and quickly install any type of multi-split air conditioning system in your Sydney property.

The aesthetic factor is, rather, the matter of taste, preferences and design. Here you decide what type of indoor units should be installed in your house. If you do not have a clear plan, ASSA can guide you through the whole project.

The choice between a split system and a multi-split system is usually conditioned by the features of the rooms that need to be air-conditioned, if, for example, this is a multi-room apartment and there are restrictions on installing an outdoor unit, the multi-split system will be the only solution.

ASSA is the service to choose

We work with considerate experts who regard your commercial and residential premises and the tenants in the building. Our electricians have a sharp regard for the very fine details to guarantee that the work is finished by safety and quality principles in the business. We do it all, information and assets to make your commercial or residential space better and more secure.

We are a quickly developing organization set up to meet the lack of electrical services. Every day our experts are giving answers for different clients to guarantee that they are in safe residential and commercial spaces. On top of offering our services, we are taking care of the client’s issues utilizing the best techniques in the business. Here are the components that make our organization your best choice:

A reliable service – our personnel are constantly trained to have the best physical and social skills. Using the best tools and equipment, we prove ourselves to be a reliable service.

Convenience and safety – all it takes a call and we will be at your premises promptly. We guarantee 100% safe environment in all jobs we undertake.

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