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AC Repair Sydney

If the holidays are a distant mirage, perhaps it is good to think about how to keep your house cool in Sydney. Have you already bought an air conditioner and do not know how to install it? Do you have an old one to change? Worse, do not you have any conditioner? Worry not, ASSA will be your helping hand in such cases, making sure your residential or commercial property is kept cold with fresh air.

The air conditioner assistance provided by our organization is based on an accurate investigation of the causes that determine the malfunction and which can be the most disparate: from the wear of some components to the poor or lack of maintenance of the air conditioner carried out over the years. The repair might be required immediately and that’s what we will do.

The causes may be different: the air conditioner can be blocked, or there is a fault in the air conditioner or heat pump. But there may also be refrigerant gas leaks, due to the wear of some components, perhaps due to poor maintenance of the air conditioner.

Investigating the causes of the malfunction and taking action to request the repair of your appliance can prove to be a winning choice to avoid having to bear more onerous costs for the rebuilding of the fixture.

How do we operate?

We come to your address and perform an initial recognition of the system to identify the fault. Whether the fault is something minor or major, we proceed to an immediate AC repair in Sydney and get the system back to its proper functionality.

In any case, our technician will perform a general assessment of the air conditioner system with the following operations:

  • Cleaning the air filters of the indoor units
  • Cleaning the condenser and external evaporator by blowing compressed air without removing the components from the unit
  • Checking the pressure of the refrigerant gas system

The characteristics of the service may vary depending on the information provided and the conditions of the intervention. As a rule, the intervention includes:

  • Detection and repair of the system fault with the restoration of functionality
  • Testing of the operation of all system components
  • Cleaning of the operating area and restoration of the rooms to the initial conditions

A fully functional air conditioning system is a fundamental element of home wellness and comfort or of its work environment. One of our tasks is to help you keep your air conditioner in perfect working order, offering you certified competence and professionalism in AC repairs in Sydney.

Better health: filters in perfect condition and always clean reduce the pollution of domestic air, the presence of irritating or allergenic dust and slag, dangerous for the whole family, especially for children, the elderly, asthmatic or heart patients;

More comfort: simply the pleasure of starting up your air-conditioning system whenever you want, without waiting, without slowing down, without noise, without annoying losses and condensation;

More savings: the presence of dust, slag, debris and pollution slow down the operation of outdoor units and indoor units, which encounter greater resistance in the air, reduce the efficiency of heat exchange batteries, and increase the risk of fire and corrosion.

Our service is always reliable and honest. The prices are clear and transparent, completely competitive with the installation and maintenance tariffs of the air conditioners normally offered on the market. We have the experience, competence and reliability. Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our mindset and this is what makes us the best service.

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