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Split System Air Conditioning Installation Sydney

The split system is one of the best ways to cool or heat a room, a living room or an office at a reasonable price. Its installation is very quick and fairly easy, the overall aesthetics of this type of air conditioning has been greatly improved in recent years, and the sound level of the various components has been reduced very noticeably. ASSA is ready at your call: we will install a split system air conditioner in your house and be very efficient and quick while doing so.

How does a split air conditioner work?

The working principle of a split air conditioner is based on a thermodynamic cycle composed of certain elements, namely:

  • A condenser
  • A compressor
  • An evaporator
  • An expansion valve

These four components are installed in two units, one placed inside your home and the other outside. The evaporator is in the inside part of your split system conditioner and it captures the heat of the air. The fan circulates the air and cools the room. The air conditioner also contains a refrigerant that captures and releases heat at varying temperatures.

Reasons to choose split systems

Split air conditioners are prevalent for a reason and that is on the grounds that they provide numerous particular edges over different types of air conditioners. Here are some you ought to consider before you settle on your choice:

  • Ease of ownership – Split air conditioning systems are not costly in terms of maintenance because they don’t need it very often. This will save you lots of money on the electricity bill.
  • Trouble free installation – They are easier to install compared to ducted systems. We just need to set up the condenser unit at an outside area and install the indoor unit in your property and hook up the two.
  • Very quiet – Split systems are very quiet because of the fact that the half of the system is outside and it can be placed as far as your property allows.
  • Ease of maintenance – They are very simple to maintain; filters can be removed with no complexity and washed.

Available types of split systems


The mobile split air conditioner

This model is constituted by two units which are connected together by sheaths of modest diameter. The unit inside the room to be air-conditioned has a caster and the outside part can be easily moved. Indeed, the hose can sneak easily through an opening. The surface that the mobile can cool is between 10 and 30 m².

Fixed split air conditioner

The units that make up this model are also interconnected by small diameter ducts. Both internal and external units are fixed. The surface that can be air-conditioned by this type of device is also between 10 and 30 m².


This type is installed on the roof and is generally level with the surface. It’s an extraordinary choice for individuals who need a careful unit that wouldn’t disturb the lines and stream of their room’s outline.

Split-system air conditioners can be single-split (one indoor unit per outdoor unit) or multi-split (multiple indoor units per outdoor unit).

ASSA is the name that comes to mind when air conditioner installation is mentioned. Our experts will respect your needs and provide you with better results than desired. We don’t do false advertisements, our skill is proven and we are excited to showcase it whenever you need us. Don’t hesitate to call us at any time.

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