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VRV Air Conditioning Systems

Daikin VRV air conditioning systems reduce energy consumption and optimize overall performance with highly efficient internal and external units, inventive tech and intelligent power management systems.

ASSA has been installing VRV Air Conditioning systems for a long time now and we are confident in your experience. Having a team of experts, we guarantee you a reliable service that is not so easy to find.

The variable refrigerant volume is a Daikin technology that automatically adjusts the refrigerant temperature to the load required by the air conditioner for optimal comfort, and increases efficiency by 30%  in comparison to other types of air conditioners. Exclusive self-cleaning units will get you savings around 50% compared to regular cassettes and ceiling-mounted duct units. Modern heat recovery system reuses energy more accurately for cooling, heating and hot water production.

Designed for comfort

Thanks to the multi-zone control, it is possible to control the climate of every floor and room with VRV. Floor sensors keep the air flow away from people to provide the ideal climate, while VRV prevents the formation of currents. Designed with ultra-silent technology, VRV makes so little noise that you’ll forget it even exists.

The compact structure of the outdoor units allows it to be transported to the roof of the building using a common lift, without creating problems in handling the components; this is principally important when it is necessary to install outdoor units on each floor.

In VRV, exclusive Daikin technology, continuously adjusts the speed of the Inverter compressor and the refrigerant temperature, to guarantee the capacity required to meet the building load with maximum efficiency.

  • Ideal for tall buildings
  • Reduced CO2 emissions using water as a heat source
  • The compact and lightweight design saves space
  • Variable water flow increases flexibility and control
  • High-tech sensors create perfect comfort
  • Automatic cleaning feature helps with maintenance and increases energy efficiency by 50%

This feature can be activated using the buttons on the board and speeds up troubleshooting; it must be used for commissioning and maintenance of the connection of thermistors, faulty solenoid valves or motorized valves, compressor failure, communication errors, etc.

The VRV system is absolutely versatile: applications range from commercial buildings to public buildings without disdaining private homes. The linear VRV system uses a variable (proportional, integral) PI control, which uses the refrigerant pressure sensors to provide greater of the inverter-controlled and ON / OFF compressors.

Less frequent start / stop cycles

The technique adopted by Daikin for capacity regulation with multiple compressors involves minimal switching losses and minimal voltage fluctuations.


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