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Wet Area Ventilation

A significant influence on the creation and maintenance of comfortable indoor air parameters in the room is provided by the stable operation of the ventilation system.

We are a service specialized in all residential ventilation projects, whether:

  • Change the location of ventilation ducts during a renovation.
  • Add ventilation ducts during a home expansion or simply improve the performance of your existing system.
  • Design and provide a complete ventilation system during the construction of a new house, turnkey project.

What are they needed for?

In residential buildings, ventilation is installed to remove excess heat and moisture from the air, which are formed as a result of people breathing, carbon dioxide and other gases. The installation of a ventilation system is also necessary to remove various harmful substances and gases that can be released during cooking.

In most cases, ventilation in residential buildings implies the mandatory installation of an exhaust ventilation system with a natural motivation. It looks like the movement of air masses in an apartment building under the influence of the natural forces of nature, namely the difference in hydraulic pressure and wind force.

In general, the compensation of air intake, which is removed from the dwelling with this ventilation system, will be due to so-called leakage of outside air through all the leaks of windows, doors and ventilation pans, as well as through the penetration of air from other adjoining rooms.

Choosing a comprehensive system of ventilation for the premises, it is worth remembering the following nuances. The airflow velocity in the room should not be less than 2.5m/ second and not exceed 4m/ second. The permissible noise level is 50 dB, but this is a fairly high figure, so for your comfort, it is worth choosing equipment that does not create more than 20-35 dB of noise.

Servicing and maintenance of your existing ventilation system

ASSA is proud to offer its customers the best after-sales service, maintenance and repair of air conditioners and ventilation systems. Even if we are not the ones who installed the fixtures, you will get the same exact repair service. With a team of experienced technicians, ASSA promises you a quality service in the residential and commercial field.

Maintenance includes filter replacement, belt checking, and general assessment of the device to make sure your air conditioner or air ventilation system is functioning properly and to prevent a failure that could be more expensive to fix.

Living in unventilated rooms leads to health problems, especially in Sydney where it is humid all the time. The quality of your ventilation system is of particular importance. We care about you – assessing your premises, we will advise you the type of air ventilation you require and install it as well.

What we guarantee:

  • Customer focus
  • Prompt services on schedule
  • Extensive, proven experience
  • Reliability
  • Quality workmanship
  • Results driven team
  • Organisational efficiency
  • Clear communication skills
  • Safety focused operation

ASSA is a locally owned and operated service in Sydney and regardless of your task, we will be committed to it 100%. Bringing you a team of experts and the most recent equipment in the field, we are confident to promise you an unmatched service. We always strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and achieve 100% satisfaction.

Contact us today, to have your air ventilation installed or have your existing ventilation repaired/assessed. Trust no one else with your valuable structure, ASSA should be your next choice.

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