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Chandelier Installation

The chandeliers give your interior a more dramatic and theatrical atmosphere. Installing a new chandelier will completely change the decor of the room, and will, of course, illuminate it while reflecting your good taste and style. Its old concept but which is renewed all the time gives it an absolutely amazing decorative property.

The chandelier is a large hanging ceiling lamp. Often adjustable in height (to assimilate to the height of the ceiling), the chandelier diffuses an optimal light and in a homogeneous way. All models of chandeliers spread light around your room. This is due to its frame which is generally circular.

ASSA Electricians have installed countless chandeliers in both commercial and residential properties over the years.

Where to install chandeliers?

Chandeliers are more popular in residential properties rather than commercial ones. It is possible to come across to chandeliers in some offices and other business properties but compared to houses, they are far rarer. Residential clients are more interested in chandeliers because these fixtures can give a unique look to different parts of their homes. ASSA is the electrician in Sydney you are looking for to install your new chandelier. Here is where you can install a chandelier in your beautiful home:

  • Dining rooms are one the most common areas where a chandelier is installed. They are likely to be installed over the dining table. With bright illumination, you will have an amazing dining experience.
  • Smaller chandeliers are installed in kitchens as well. Cooking and preparing meals often require a bright area and what is better than a chandelier for this very purpose? Wooden and glass chandeliers are the most popular ones for kitchens.
  • Entry halls are perfect for chandeliers. They will create a warm environment; your guests will be pleased as an entry hall is the first place they see in your house.
  • Living rooms definitely require a chandelier; a large room with a chandelier in the centre of the room will be the favourite place for your family and guests.
  • Chandeliers can be installed everywhere if there is enough space for it. If you are not sure about a specific room, call ASSA and we will advise you on where to install them.

What are chandeliers for?

The kitchen chandelier is to be considered. It is very important to properly illuminate this part of your home with a pleasant light and that allows you to optimize your culinary activity. It’s the same for the dining room chandelier. It is an excellent fixture to harmonize meal times and conviviality thanks to a light hanging over the table.

Hallways, entrances, staircases or any other neglected room can indeed feature a magnificent chandelier. True, it does not have to be as big as a living room chandelier. Opt for a small chandelier about 20 cm in diameter.

Why choose a chandelier? It is an excellent element of decoration. It will be the main object of your interior, which will impress whoever will put their eyes on it. It is also a perfect lighting device that illuminates every room of your home in a homogeneous way.

ASSA is Sydney’s leading electrician service that will be at your doorstep anytime you call us. Need someone to install your chandelier? You are at the right destination; we are geared up with the best tools and equipment and with experts who are determined in their jobs. Do not take the risk of installing chandeliers yourself and contact us today.

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