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Whatever your type of business, you will find qualified professionals at ASSA electricians ready to offer you a high-quality job. We can safely say that all our commercial electricians working for us have developed specialties that allow us to offer you high-quality electricity work. You can choose our commercial electricians for new construction or upgrading of old electrical installations. This is the reason why it is very important to find the right professional like ASSA Electricians in Sydney.

If you are looking for an electrician in Sydney that ticks all the boxes, ASSA is the one. Here is what our services are:

  • Upgrades of switchboards
  • Inspections and repairs
  • Preventive and regular maintenance
  • Installation of 3 phase power for machines and equipment
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting repair and installation

For your electrical installation or repair projects, we guarantee that we are able to respond to your most varied requests regardless of the type of business you are running. It is encouraging to know that the laws require electricians to obtain a license before they can work in your NSW. This gives you confirmation as a certified contractor that we are fully licensed and above all qualified to work in your business.

We have developed procedures to ensure that deadlines are met, as well as all your expectations. In addition, we will try as much as possible to work within your budget limitations. When choosing commercial electricians from ASSA for your project, whether you are renovating you’re office or factory or building a new shop, we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive quote before commencing the task.

Why ASSA over other electrician services?

Simply because our experience and level of skill are unmatched. Having been a part of hundreds of electrical projects, we have mastered our job and we are continuing to go forward in terms of innovation and improvement.

Establishing more than a partnership with our customers, we become their trusted companions who will be by their side at all times.

Many companies claim to offer premium services while the reality is that they can’t deliver much. We, on the other hand, prove what we do in practice.

  • Quick response time all across Sydney by answering your calls at all times.
  • Equally skilled at commercial projects as we are in residential areas.
  • Fully licensed, Level 2 accredited and 100% insured services.
  • 24/7 emergency electrician services.
  • Specifically designed services to minimize the inconvenience during our attendance.
  • Offering inspection and maintenance of commercial properties.
  • An overall great service offered by our expert team.
  • Emergency troubleshooting and maintenance are also services offered. Our commercial electricians are additionally trained to advise on energy saving and sustainable energy.

Commercial electricity is a field that requires specialized and adapted knowledge: the commercial domain is more complex and needs more attention to detail than in residential areas. It is important to have confidence in the electrician that you will be hiring because any electrical issue in a commercial premise can cause serious hazards for your business and for the workers inside. It is therefore essential that the facilities are safe and in compliance with the standards in force so that everything and everyone are safe.

We can promise you that our team has a very good comprehension of what their role in your business encompasses and that it guarantees you a service of experience that will be adapted to your needs while being thorough and out of harm’s way.


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