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Commercial/Property Management

Being one of the best electrician services in Sydney, ASSA’s reliability and efficiency will be in your favour during all kinds of electricity works you have for us. The electricity needs of the commercial sector meet very broad requirements. The range of electrical services will, therefore, be aimed at various structures such as car dealerships, cinema complexes, shopping centres or high-rise buildings.

Our customers know that they can rely on ASSA to successfully carry out their electrical projects with a high-quality result, with a minimum of failure especially in the context of daily use. Business owners and managers of offices, restaurants and warehouses rely on our services for the installation and maintenance of their electrical systems, including generators.

  • Rather than making a false claim, we prove our promises in practice. We truly are a quick service in terms of emergencies.
  • We don’t value commercial and residential properties differently – we show the same care to both types of properties.
  • Offering 24/7 emergency services, we never leave you alone in the difficult times.
  • Our electricians are trained to work in the most convenient ways possible to minimize any disturbance.
  • Monitoring your electrical system continuously, we prevent faults before they happen.
  • We are licensed and all our work is guaranteed.

For all modernization, relocation, and safety audit projects, an industrial electrician will provide a thorough review of existing installations by an electrician, and a needs assessment based on current and future requirements. At the end of this evaluation, our technicians propose various solutions adapted to the buildings or premises. All our electricians are trained to provide our customers with the latest knowledge in the field of electrical systems and the latest technological innovations.

A brief list of our services:

  • Upgrades of switchboards
  • Emergency services
  • Repair and installation of both internal and external lightings
  • 3 Phase Power installation
  • Lighting for Emergency Exits and Corridors
  • Audits for energy saving
  • Assessment and repair of faults
  • Communication systems installation

We are licensed and qualified electricians who comply with Workplace Health and Safety standards. Quality of our work comes as a top priority and we spare no efforts in strict quality controls to ensure you are being given the service you deserve.

Any emergency that requires a commercial electrician within one hour is acted on right away, no matter what time of day. Our 24/7 service is popular throughout Sydney. We will be sending you an expert team that targets the source of the issue and provides you on best solutions to repair it.

Choose the best

Our team of seasoned electricians’ know how will take your business to the next level in terms of electrical advancement.

Let us take care of the preventive maintenance program of your commercial, industrial and agricultural building as well as the maintenance, repairs or replacement of your old equipment. Without preventing the usual pace of your business, we will carry out a smooth commercial property management as your trusted electricians.

We are always on time, keeping our promises, we show up at the scheduled times. Carrying all the necessary tools and equipment, we come prepared. Utilising only the latest equipment, we are proud to be the representative of advanced technology. We don’t only standout with our service but we also influence other services operating in Sydney by always being the first company to adapt to the changes in the field.

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