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Data and Networking

The Internet plays the same role in society as the nervous system in the human body: it allows the entire system, that is to say, citizens, to adapt to ongoing changes. Accessing the internet was not always easily available but times have changed and it is fairly easy to have internet access. However, for a decent service, you still need a reliable data connection. Wireless and WIFI have been quite popular but they cannot replace data connection in terms of reliability. At ASSA, we are network experts that can install multiple data and networking points at your home or business to connect you to the world.

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential

Companies that are growing or moving are faced with the need to install broader network systems. What does this consist of? What are the elements to take into account? Discover all the steps necessary for the proper installation of a data and networking with ASSA:

  • Whether it is commercial, industrial or residential, we are open to any challenge. Regardless of your project’s size, don’t hesitate to call us. Our technicians will arrive at your property and install a comprehensive system that is tailor fit to your specific demands.
  • All our experts are licensed, certified and have gone through extensive training to be able to present you the best service. Our services are also insured, quick and efficient.
  • On top of installations of data points, we also provide servicing and repairs in case there is any problem with the wiring or etc. No more worries if your system is down, a phone call will suffice for us to come to you and fix the issue quickly.

Data Point Connection Made Easy

Data or networking points are ports that allow you to connect your various devices such as computers, routers, and servers to the Internet or a shared network. You will not be having any issues in your internet connection as long as the mentioned points are functioning properly. However, all types of technology malfunctions at some point and when it does, your internet will either slow down or completely shut down. We have services to prevent and fix this:

Planning and Installation – Location of your data point is very important to its proper functioning. It is always an advantage when you are closer to your data point. Planning and looks of the room should also be taken into account before installing data points. It is not pleasing aesthetically to have points sticking out. Our experts can help you in determining the best location for installation of the points complete the task without any flaws.

Replacing the points – You can’t expect a data point to serve you perfectly if it is not installed by a professional. Our professionals are hard-working individuals who will ensure a quality job run different tests to confirm that the data point is on and working well.

Network Planning – We are also very experienced in data networks that require the installations of physical wiring and data points needed to create a complex and well-functioning network system.

Need a network system or data point installation and have a few questions? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at ASSA. You can call us on [phone number] or put in your details and questions in the contact us form.



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