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Dimmer Installation

During a dinner with friends, reading a book, a movie night, it is often essential to adapt the light atmosphere of your living room to your activities to take full advantage of it. ASSA install dimmers on all switches to vary the light of the lamps in your home. They fit perfectly into your decor.

A dimmer is a device that reduces the light intensity and is able to create the desired mood with using the same lighting system.

Before, dimmers were simple potentiometers (variable resistors) that allowed reducing the intensity of current in the bulb (and therefore the brightness) by dissipating the excess current in heat. These dimmers used to consume lots of energy and were frequent sources of fire.

Nowadays, their operating principle is quite different and they consume very little amounts of energy. In fact, the use of a dimmer saves both energy and material, as they extend the life of bulbs while reducing their consumption when dim lighting is desired.

Ideal spots to install dimmers

Dimmers can be installed anywhere that has a light bulbs and light switches. However, the light bulbs should be halogens, LEDs and incandescent. Here is a list of popular places to install dimmers:

  • Kitchen and dining areas – these places require different lighting for various purposes. For instance, when cooking, there is a need for bright lighting. For the perfect dining experience, however, a dimmed light will be more suitable.
  • Bathrooms – bathrooms require bright lighting usually but for a relaxing bath, it is best with low lights that dimmers can provide.
  • Bedrooms – Dimmers are the most useful in bedrooms. During a study or work, bright light might be needed and when you are lying on your bed reading a book, dimmed lights will more ideal.

The idea with a dimmer switch is to allow you to create beautiful lighting moods and to adapt the intensity to your specific needs. It is therefore mainly in the living rooms that he will find his utility. But in the bedroom, it can also be used to create an atmosphere conducive to rest while keeping the possibility of a stronger light if needed.

Many wall switches now have a dimmer function. It is easy to replace a normal switch with a dimmer switch. Not to mention that you will thus make substantial energy savings while increasing your quality of life. You don’t have dimmers? Don’t worry, ASSA will install them for you.

We are the experts installing dimmers

ASSA has been installing dimmers for years now and we have a solid understanding of their purpose. This makes us able to suggest you the best spots to install your dimmers. We also offer repair services on your existing dimmers.

Work with us

It is a key objective for us to provide added value to our customers regardless of the job we are doing. To provide maximum benefit to our customers, ASSA Electricians Services goes above and beyond at all aspects of the given task. No challenge is too big or too small.

By being a full scope service, we are specialized in all areas of electrical work which puts a step ahead of everyone else. We might be called to install dimmers at your house but we will keep an eye for any possible issues that might be dangerous for your premises.

We achieve success by never losing motivation and keeping our focus on customer satisfaction. Call us now and get your dimmers installed within the shortest time period.

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