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Electrical Circuit Installation

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An electrical circuit is a set of wires (it is called conductors) and electrical components such as sockets, switches, lighting) or electronics such as electrical appliances that are all run by the same electric current. An electrical circuit’s centre is the electrical panel which is one of the main factors of a proper functioning of the circuit. Any given residential or commercial property must have a robust electrical circuit and thanks to our expert team of electricians, you can now have a service that is reliable and efficient. ASSA Electricians in Sydney will be your helping hand in terms of installation and repair of electrical circuits.

Closer to look electrical circuits

In electrical engineering, the following electrical circuits exist by the type of connection of electrical circuit elements:

  • A series of electrical circuits;
  • Parallel electric circuit;
  • Series-parallel electric circuit.

Any electric power consumer is considered to be a load in an electrical circuit. The load exerts resistance to the electric current and the magnitude of the current depends on the value of the load resistance. Current from the source of current to the load flows through the conductors. As conductors try to use materials with the least resistance (copper, silver, gold).

There are also dedicated electrical circuits as for high power appliances such as washing machines, freezers that must at all costs be powered by a dedicated circuit. It is not a good idea to mix devices of different kinds on a single type circuit; it might lead you to unfortunate consequences.

We have made a short list for the appliances that you need a dedicated circuit for:

Washing machines
Fridges / Freezers
Electric Hot Water Heater
Electric Oven
Hot tubs or Jacuzzi


A power circuit is an electrical circuit containing elements whose functional purpose is to manufacture or transfer the main part of the electrical energy, its distribution, and conversion to another type of energy or into electrical energy with other parameter values. It basically is what lights up your commercial or residential property and runs everything in it that requires electricity. ASSA is a certified service with licensed electricians that have in-depth knowledge of electrical installations of all types.

Hire professional electricians

Installing electrical circuits can’t be done by yourself as they are too complex for anyone without extensive knowledge in the electrical world. You might come across to some articles or video tutorial on the internet showing you how to build an electrical circuit but we strongly advise against it. They often give you a false sense of confidence which might end up in unpleasant events. Incompetently installed electrical circuits will cause accidents sooner or later which can be dangerous to both your health and property.

  •  We will come to your property and discuss the task with you in detail.
  • We will assess the property, current system and determine which steps should be taken to install or replace the electrical circuit.
  • We use only the high-quality wires, switches, breakers and switchboards to make sure everything runs perfectly, without any interruptions.
  • Once we are done, we will do a quality check to ensure everything is safe and running properly.

The installation of the electrical circuit consists of two main operations: the termination of the wires and their connection to the electric fittings. The electrician should be well versed in the electrical circuits, have strong skills in assembling electrical circuits, installing electrical products, charging the electric fittings. In addition to wiring tools, the electrician often has to use a locksmith and carpenter’s tool.

ASSA is the electrician you should trust when it comes to installation and repairs of electrical circuits.

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