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LED Lighting Installation

The LED is a converter of electric current into light radiation, a semiconductor device. LED is an abbreviation for the English Light Emitting Diode. Unlike incandescent lamps (fluorescent lamps also) in an LED, the electric current is converted into light radiation, which theoretically it is possible to do almost without loss.

The LED with a necessary heat sink heats up a little, which makes it irreplaceable for a number of applications. The LED produces radiation in a narrow part of the spectrum, its colour is pure and appreciated by designers, and UV and IR radiation are almost always absent.

The LED is durable in the sense of mechanics and is strikingly reliable, the service life of LEDs can reach 100 thousand hours, which is almost 100 times greater than that of an incandescent lamp; and 5-10 times more than a fluorescent lamp. A light-emitting diode is a low-voltage electrical appliance, which means it is safe.

LEDs are the best option for you.

ASSA always recommends the LED option for customers who are looking for lighting services. We are experts in the field and will install your LED Lighting structure. Benefits of LEDs are never-ending; here we list some of them that will convince you on getting them.

  • A wide range of input voltage of LED lamps makes them unresponsive to power surges while maintaining the brightness of the lighting.
  • The permissible range of operating temperatures and humidity allows the efficient use of LED lights in severe climatic conditions.
  • No noise and flicker. LED lamps are absolutely noiseless both during power-up and during operation.
  • LED lamps allow you to adjust the lighting by reducing the supply voltage (traditional lamps on gas-discharge lamps do not allow this, with a decrease in voltage, they turn off).

Whether you need lighting for your newly built home or renovated office, you can never go wrong with LED lights. They are more expensive than the ordinary bulbs but in the long-term, they will be much cheaper and will decrease your electricity bill.

Efficient and long-term savings

Energy efficiency means savings in the long-term. We specialise in many areas and one of them is energy efficient LED lighting installations and helping you to bring down the costs – a reliable efficient and green future.

We promise you our 100% quality and reliability. Our customers know they can rely on having a complete electrical service delivered on time, within their dedicated budget and to the highest quality benchmarks.

As licensed and certified electricians, we comply with all national standards as well as Health Safety standards that are set by the state.

Why choose us

Our expert electricians in Sydney get in the very fine details of the job with you, provide you with an exact quote and answer any questions you have before starting any task. We promise a steady price that won’t be changed; you’ll have no surprise fees.

We have implemented a rigorous hiring process, only the best electricians get hired. We have a team of electricians who are neat, clean cut professionals that will take care of your job with the respect that you deserve. They are presentable and English speaking so there are no communication difficulties.

We do not consider a job finished until our electricians have done a thorough clean up and final assessment with you. We will check everything entirely with you to make sure that your expectations have been met.

Contact ASSA today to get your LED lightings installed – we are affordable with the best quality service available in Sydney. As a customer, you will experience a service that won’t be matched anywhere else.

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