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Light Switch Installation

Light switches control your lights, fans, and other such electrical installations. They’re the most generally utilized electrical segments in any property and can wind up dysfunctional after some time. The principle of their operation is based on the closure of the electrical circuit when the control button is switched. They are very simple in both use and installation. The design of this switch allows you to install it in any part of the dwelling or production premises; it is easiest to replace or modernize.

Installing light switches is neither nothing new nor complicated for ASSA Electrical Services. We have installed thousands of them in both commercial and residential properties over the years. Experience and high skill level that we possess will translate into an efficient and quick installation of light switches at your house.

Practical tips for light switches

  • Before attempting to fix a light switch, disconnect the main power supply from the fuse box to protect yourself from electric shock.
  • Make sure there is no voltage in the room by checking the power point with an indicator screwdriver.
  • Disconnect the wires, if the light switch is two-key, we recommend marking with a marker which of the cores is an introductory one, so that you do not confuse it later and make a proper assembly.
  • Disassemble the case and get to the contacts, which, most likely, are the cause of failure. These structural elements are immediately behind the plastic key, which is fastened with screws. It is not difficult to fix them.
  • Buy your light switches only from specialized stores that are selling electrical appliances. Ask the sales consultant to explain to you all the technical capabilities and characteristics of the model you are interested in.
  • Carry out a few shutdowns – the keys should work gently, nothing should cling and creak.

On any light switch you will also need to install a ground wire, otherwise, you will not be able to safely repair or even disassemble the device if necessary. If you want to install a model with a timer or other sensor, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and study the contact diagram.

Call a professional electrician whether it is a repair or new installation

The tips we have listed might still look too complex to you and there is no problem with that. There are many causes behind the faulty light switches and only a professional electrician can work out the issue. ASSA is willing to go the extra mile whether it is repairing the existing light switches or installing new ones, we do it all.

Fuse burnouts, flickering lights and overheating switches are common problems in every household and office. Homeowners and business owners often neglect these issues and find themselves in bigger issues later on. You should call ASSA as soon as you detect any type of switch problems. Quicker the intervention, the safer your property.

ASSA is the choice you should make

We are licensed and qualified electricians that can actually guarantee the safety of our works. Operating with the standards set by the state, we care about the environment we are working in.

Driven to success by only one thing in mind that is customer satisfaction. We don’t consider a job done if the customer isn’t satisfied 100%. Operating 24/7 in and around Sydney, we won’t let you down in any type of electrical event. We possess the experience and equipment to show up and fix your problem promptly.

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