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Outdoor Lighting Installation

Installing outdoor lighting allows you to beautify your home and give it a different look. You can install lights just at the entrance of your home, in the driveway, in your garden or terrace. It is up to you choose the design of the lights, the possibilities are numerous but the installation of a lighting of the garden or any outdoor lighting must be done properly in accordance with electrical standards. ASSA is undeniably one of the best electrician services in Sydney that also offers outdoor lighting installations.

Depending on where you want to light, you can opt for different types of lighting. For an entrance, a doorstep, wall sconces are perfect. If you want to illuminate your terrace, prefer lampposts. For the lighting of a path, a garden path or massifs, you can use light bollards.

For the lawn, preferably choose recessed spots that will be hidden by the grass and will not interfere with the passage of the mower.

What you need to know about outdoor lighting

As the name hints, outdoor lights are installed in open areas in which they are prone to all types of weather conditions.

  • Any type of outdoor light fixture must be weather-resistant. They are supposed to withstand the wet, extremely hot and strong winds.
  • Outdoor lighting systems need to be wired using cables that are specifically made for outdoor use. If that is not available, wiring must be done underground. Regular cables exposed on the ground might be dangerous.
  • Outdoor lights should be installed in accordance with a certain design plan to maximize the effect. Randomly put lights won’t serve a purpose.

Where to install these lights?

There are many spots that come to mind to install these lights. However, you need to consider your own property and determine where would suit you the best. If you cannot make your mind, ASSA is more than happy to be involved in the designing stage.

  • Pools and ponds
  • Emergency exits and corridors
  • Stairs and their steps
  • Driveways
  • Trees, fountains
  • Business names in commercial places

The last thing you would want is having your guests walking in the dark through your garden or in your driveway. On top of helping you navigate better in the dark, outdoor lights will add to the beauty of your property. ASSA wants only the best for you, that is why we are willing to do our best to make your house or office look fabulous.


ASSA has made a difference in the electrician field by not only providing an unprecedented customer service but also working in conjunction with the latest technological advancements. It is in our understanding that our workers are our most valuable assets and that is why we are heavily involved in their development in terms of skillsets and customer relations.

Other companies may advertise false claims trying to gain a foothold all over the country, but we concentrate on our local communities so we can provide hands-on, personal service for each of our clients. Rest assured that you’ll always reach the same people you’ve known and trusted for years when you need us.

Another advantage of being privately owned, locally based and consistently staffed is the ability to offer one-on-one attention. We’ll sit down with you to understand your needs, assess your vulnerabilities, and recommend the best response with a program that meets your security, public relations and budget objectives. We can also respond immediately to any problems or changes in your needs.

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