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Powerpoint Installation

In our day and age, houses, commercial properties, and offices require a dependable and conducive electricity connection. Almost everything we use in our daily lives requires electricity; relying on them, we need them powered using power points.  Usually installed on the walls, those let you plug in your electrical gadgets and get them the electricity needed. Power points are called General Power Outlets in technical terms (GPO) and they can be installed anywhere in your house or office. At ASSA, we have a team of expert electricians that know how to install power points so that you have electricity access wherever you need it.

Why is there a need for new power points?

Every house and commercial property has a number of power points and owners might think they are enough. However, there will be instances in which such limited number of power points simply won’t be enough. On top of limited numbers, some power points are installed in inconvenient spots making it harder to plug in devices or chargers. The only solution is to install new ones at better spots. ASSA is ready to take the responsibility of the task – we will listen to your needs and advise the best spots to install the new power outlets.

Consider installing USB Power Points:

Modern devices come with USB chargers that need adapters to plug them into the power outlets. However, if you install power points that have USB ports, you can directly charge your devices without the needs for the adapters. This type of power points is even more effective in office environments where many devices are needed to be charged and powered.

You definitely need an electrician to install the power outlets

You will find many guides and instructional videos on the internet teaching you how to install a power point. While it is doable, it is highly suggested against. Chances are that you will, at some point, make a mistake and put your health and your property at risk. Quality of self-installed power points is also questionable. A professional electrician will be the main factor in determining the longevity and quality of the outlet. Here is what our power point installation service consists of:

  • Determining the most ideal location for the installation – We will listen to your requirements and assess the area to find you the best spots.
  • Helping you to determine the type of the power outlet – You will need different types of outlets for different devices and appliances and we know which ones will work the best.
  • Determining the type of cable you need – The new power outlet must be installed using the same type of cable that is used in rest of the system.

Why choose us?

ASSA is a complete electrician service in Sydney that works towards achieving highest customer satisfaction possible while continuously improving in all aspects of the services we provide. We are a licensed and certified electrician service – your electricity work is in safe hands with us. Our prices are never unaffordable; we offer competitive rates that will surprise you considering the high quality of our services.

Experience in the past is fundamental but so is being able to adapt the current pace that is the advancement of technology. We always keep our equipment and knowledge updated.

Professionalism comes from a great passion that has lasted for years. Throughout the years we have perfected our customer service to become the company we are today. The selection and experience of our staff through the expertise and professionalism paved the way for us to be a reliable and dependable service.

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