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Residential Electrician

ASSA residential electricians are qualified professionals who handle any type of electrical work inside a private residence. The amount of electrical equipment inside our homes today is a very good reason why all of our electricians are licensed and trained to practice their craft.

There are several steps to follow for the residential electrician

The work usually takes place in several phases, and will usually start with electrical wiring throughout the house and will end with finishing work with the connection and installation of fixtures, outlets, and all that you need to be powered.

Having a current switchboard and your wiring up to current standards in your home is probably the most important aspect of your system in the residential area. This is what will power all your electrical appliances and allow the electricals in your home to function reliably and safely. You can trust us wholeheartedly; our experts will take care of everything and pay attention to any small detail.

Here is what we do:

  • Installing safety switches
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Smoke detector installations
  • Renovation work
  • Lighting installation
  • Installing air conditions
  • Installation of power points
  • 24/7 Emergency attendance
  • Data and phone line installations

Our expert electricians are constantly improving and training because they need to follow up electricity trends as the field is evolving quickly. Many new methods and tools are being presented in the market every day and it is our job to have the knowledge to implement them and ensure the proper functioning of all these new electrical equipment.

Electrical work can be complex and dangerous, hence it is a task that requires a high degree of safety and diligence. This is why you have to employ an expert service like our own. Bear in mind that, electrical issues are one of the main culprits behind house fires. We will take the responsibility of your residential property’s electrical structure and provide you with a 100% guaranteed job every time.

Finally, it is not worthwhile to hire an inexperienced and unlicensed residential electrician to do the electrical work in your home. For example, if a problem occurs and this causes a fire, you may not be insured.

Why choose us

ASSA is a standout among all the electrician services in Sydney simply because of our professionalism and work ethic. We are focused on a continuous improvement of our services by being in the vicinity of technological developments. Our tools and equipment inventory is constantly being upgraded as we believe success comes with adaptation to the current day.

Our team of specialist electricians will answer you by phone, and email 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your questions and come to your help in any type of electrical project in which you need assistance.

ASSA Electricians is the leading service in Sydney and you should not spend time looking for a better one because we are the best.

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