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Sensor Lights Installation

Sensor lights are a convenient and agile solution for lighting automation. They are suitable for all types of properties: private houses, apartments, offices, clinics, warehouses, parking lots, schools and many others. These devices are gaining popularity and are increasingly appearing in various types of premises. They are also great for security purposes as they can be installed blind spots of residential and commercial properties.

The convenience of sensor lights

It is not really necessary to give an example to prove the convenience of sensor lights but just imagine that you returned home in the evening with lots of bags. In the corridors it’s dark, freeing your hands from shopping bags – it’s problematic. In this situation, the sensor light will detect your presence and illuminate the area. Looking for a light switch in the dark while dropping your bags will only make you frustrated. The solution is calling ASSA: best electrician service in Sydney to install sensor lights in your home or office. With our expertise, you will be served a brilliant service.

No more forgotten lights

The convenience of using sensors works in the reverse situation: you left the house and once again forgot to turn off the light in the corridor, bathroom or dressing room. Of course, you can go back and turn off the light, but more often than not, after a little scolding yourself, you will not go back home, and just leave the lights on. Having installed sensors, we would not even be in a similar situation: after we left the room, the sensor would have turned off all the lamps.

The technical side of installing motion sensors is not too complicated. But if you do not have confidence in your abilities, it is better to entrust this process to a professional. The cable of this device is connected to the general house wiring through the junction box.

The expediency of using motion sensors is confirmed by the arguments of saving energy, as well as convenience and practicality.

Reasons to install sensor lights

  • Better security – one of the main reasons for clients to decide on sensor lights. They will detect any motion and light up, thus, making the owners aware of suspicious movements.
  • Energy saving – This automation of lighting also saves money spent on electricity. It is possible to save from 30 to 70% of electricity depending on the scale of the installation.
  • Convenience – mentioned earlier, sensor lights will be a great convenience in your daily life. No more stumbling on your stairs in pitch darkness.

The main advantage of light sensors for switching on light is, of course, the simplicity of design, reliability and durability. But in addition, the sensors of this class are very unpretentious in terms of inclusion in a variety of schemes.

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