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Switchboard upgrade/safety switch installation

Safety switches are undeniably important in any type of property whether a commercial or residential one. It is crucial to have these devices if you are worried about the safety of your house or office. In technical terms, they are called Residual Current Device – RCD. They are designed to protect the circuit from differences that happen in the flow. These devices continuously measure the vector sum of linear currents in single-phase and three-phase networks. If its value is different from zero and exceeds the threshold of sensitivity of the device, it will be engaged and cut off the power supply as quick as 0.003 seconds.

At ASSA, we encourage our customers to have safety switches installed at all times. After recent changes, safety switches are now required to be installed by law. The use of RCD is expedient and justified for social and economic reasons in electrical installations of all possible types and for a variety of purposes.

Don’t underestimate the purpose of safety switches

The cost of installing a safety switch is incommensurably less than the possible damage – deaths and injuries of people from electric shock, fires, and their consequences, which occur due to malfunctions of electrical wiring and electrical equipment. If we take into account that the cost of a single safety switch, it does not exceed the cost of a simple domestic appliance, and the possible damage that could be avoided if the RCDs were installed is calculated in huge amounts, then it becomes absolutely obvious and does not require additional evidence that there is a need for prompt and widespread adoption RCD of the new generation in all electrical installations.

  • Around 15 lives are lost every year in Australia due to electrical incidents. Most of these could have prevented if there were safety switches installed.
  • More than 300 people suffer injuries in electrical accidents that would not have happened if it wasn’t for the lack of safety switches.
  • Home and business owners lose thousands of dollars on damages done to their devices because of electrical surges that a simple safety switch would prevent.

Any leakage of current in any electrical installation indicates damage to the insulation in the electrical circuit. This leak must be rectified in a timely manner; otherwise, this leakage may result in an electric shock to the person who touches the installation. Safety switches fully perform these functions, namely determines the leakage current to earth and disables the corresponding switch.

ASSA is a renowned electrician service in Sydney that understands the importance of safety switches. We can install them in your home or business to make your premises safer. Do not take the risk and call us today – we have the experience and skillsets to have these switches installed for you.

Why Choose ASSA?

It is not easy to find a reliable electrician service in Sydney, some will not answer your calls while others won’t show up at the scheduled time. What to do? You are in luck because ASSA takes pride in being a completely different service that carries none of the negative aspects of other electricians.

  • We provide our customers with prompt and reliable services while respecting their premises
  • Our managers consistently run quality checks to ensure our clients have been served according to our high standards
  • Our team consists of electricians who have years of experience and sharp skillsets
  • Answering emergencies 24/7 all year round
  • Flexible solutions to all types of issues.

Call us today to for a safety switch installation as well as any other type of electrical issue; we know we can fix it!

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