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Blocked Drains in Sydney

Whether it is your house or office, a blocked drain can be a saddening situation and spoil your daily life. There is nothing worse than a backflushing toilet and a kitchen/shower drain not working properly. There are many causes for these problems and they are too complicated to fix for homeowners.  Fortunately, ASSA has an amazing plumber service that will fix those issues for you in no time.

Main causes of clogged pipes

Here are some common causes of clogged drains:

  • Hair
  • Quilted toilet paper
  • Objects accidentally dropped in the drains
  • Cat litter flushed down the toilet
  • Non-degradable clothes or toilet papers

How to tell if your drain is blocked?

There will be certain symptoms of a blocked drain

  • Gurgling noises in showers and sinks
  • Outdoor traps not functioning properly
  • Flooding
  • A strong odour coming from outlets
  • Slow draining water from sinks
  • Water pooling in unusual places
  • Your toilet represses and does not empty.

Here is some advice from the professionals

Our commercial and residential plumbing experts do not confirm the use of chemical components to try to eliminate a blockage. These products are not suggested because they can actually corrode and eat away the pipes. You can, however, try to plunge the drain. It is also suggested to use an organic drain cleaning solution for blockages made from household products. The best solution is still to contact ASSA Plumber Services to get your drain issues fixed.

Professional intervention is required because a substandard work will only get you into more trouble in the long run. Poorly fixed drains will only last so long before they give out again. Here is what ASSA does to ensure your blocked drain problem is permanently fixed:

  • Replacement of both internal and external pipes
  • CCTV diagnostic so that you can see for yourself, exactly what is going on.
  • Successful removal of blockages and cleaning of drains
  • Repair and maintenance of outdoor drains
  • Unblocking shower drains
  • We give tips and advice to prevent home and business owners from future blockages.

At ASSA, customers are our highest priority. We arrive in uniform and respect your house as if it were ours. We will provide you with a free home quote and a complete check of your plumbing system.

Outdoor drain blockage

In many cases of water infiltration, the drains become completely clogged, filled with dirt or mud that has infiltrated into the drain over time. Tree roots can also cause an obstruction of the drain if they enter the drain. Our plumbers have extensive knowledge of these drains and will produce a solution to any type of blockage.

Why Choose ASSA Plumbers in Sydney?

We carry out our work with attention to the finest details. You are assured of a quality service, the speed of intervention and the professional follow-up of the works (detailed estimate, advice, respect of safety standards) when you decide to hire ASSA. Our teams are at your disposal for any type of service: troubleshooting, installation, renovation or maintenance of equipment.

Hire our professional plumbers for the maintenance of your drains and pipes!

Avoid emergency repairs!

Regular assessment of your plumbing can also make more valuable savings.

Our experts will inspect your plumbing structure; make the necessary repairs or changes to avoid further expenses.

Contact us today and get your drains fixed by ASSA Plumbers – experience the stress-free service yourself.

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