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The Different Systems for Production of Domestic Hot Water

There are currently 3 popular types of systems to produce hot water: gas, electricity and renewable energies. ASSA is the experienced plumber service in Sydney that you are looking for to get your hot water system installed. We have installed a countless amount of various types of hot water systems over the years. Our know-how makes us able to offer you the best plumber services in Sydney. Let’s take a closer look at different types hot water systems.

Gas water heater

If you decide to go with the gas to have domestic hot water, you have two choices: the instantaneous water heater or the storage water heater. The water is only heated when it is in demand with the instantaneous water heater. It does not require a storage tank and is, therefore, smaller than a storage water heater. It is independent of the heating system. On the contrary, the storage water heater is bulkier. But, it can store a large volume of hot water. It is associated with the central heating system and, with a storage water heater; the water is heated independently of the draw.

In storage water heaters there are one or two heating elements, but the number of them depends not only on the size of the tank (for a large tank there are usually two) but also on the availability of the rapid heating function when an additional fixture is connected.

Electric water heater

As with gas water heaters, you can choose between an instantaneous water heater and storage water heater. The electric instantaneous water heaters are easy to install and small in size. However, they offer a very low flow and serve rather as a backup system. On the contrary, electric storage water heaters offer large tanks that allow the use of hot water continuously. In addition, with an electric storage water heater, the water temperature remains constant.

Renewable energy water heater

Today, manufacturers have also developed water heaters that use renewable energy to heat water such as solar panels.

Advantages of instantaneous hot water systems

The instantaneous water heater is attached to the wall near the faucet. Advantages of such models: hot water access is almost instant; it is compact, simple installation and an unlimited amount of water. The storage water heater warms up water in advance and “stores” it in a tank, and there is no guarantee they will always have hot water available based on the previous use.

In the instantaneous heater, hot water is formed quickly, almost instantaneously, and can overheat, because it does not mix with cold: it is cold water, turned into hot water. Therefore, it is very important that the temperature in the device can be adjusted or there is a heat limit, otherwise, it is possible to get very hot water coming from the tap.

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