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Natural Gas & LPG Installation

Do you renovate your kitchen and you want to move the gas supply of the stove?  Do you want to install a gas connection from the outside meter?  Contact ASSA to get your natural gas connection installed promptly and stress-free.

What is natural gas?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel extracted from natural deposits and composed mainly of methane (CH4). Resulting from the degradation of ancient living organisms, it is often present in the same production areas as oil. It is also respectively safe as methane disperses quickly due the fact that it is lighter than air.

An environment-friendly choice

Natural gas is used for cooking, heating water and general heating because it disperses less carbon dioxide into the environment compared to other fossil fuels. Most professional kitchens have natural gas appliances, as they provide unmatched temperature control and exceptional performance. In addition, the blue flame is compatible with almost all cooking materials, which is far from the case with induction cookers.

Advantages of natural gas:

  • Natural gas is not toxic.
  • Low CO2 emissions during combustion compared to the petroleum derivative due to its high methane content.
  • The combustion of natural gas generates 45% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than coal.
  • For power generation, energy yields obtained from natural gas in combined cycles are higher than those obtained from coal or oil-fired plants.
  • Its use is secure. Additives are added to the gas to be able to detect it in case of gas leakage.

How does it reach our homes?

Once extracted and before travelling all around, the gas stops at a processing plant. It is then treated and purified, in particular, to eliminate corrosive compounds (sulphur). Once extracted and processed, the third step is the transportation of the gas to the points of consumption. That is, at home, for example, to heat your apartment or to cook your meal.

The most common option for transporting gas to you is gas pipelines. They are huge pipelines that transport natural gas over distances of up to 3,000 km. And all this, out of sight. Indeed, most often, these large steel tubes are buried underground or underwater and therefore work in the shade.

That is where ASSA takes part, we are a certified and licensed service who can get your home connected to the local natural gas line and also install the require pipe structure to distribute it within your house.

Above all else, you’ll have to make a demand for new Natural Gas connection for your home when LPG or electricity is as of now utilized for cooking, boiling water, room warming and the reason is to replace at least one of these for a Natural Gas user. It can be you or an energy service representative to make the application for approval.

ASSA is also offering to install LPG at your residential or commercial properties. LPG system is nothing but supplying the LPG using dedicated LPG pipeline network. This system is mostly used for residential projects in all metro cities.

Why Choose Us?

First of all, we are a company that has a social and environmental responsibility, cares for its customers and is rational about its business practices.

Apart from our well trained and experienced staff, we have external partners/experts who are engaged in specialized scientific fields.

We strive to offer the most economical and competitive market services so that your money gets you the best result. However, the quality of our services is non-negotiable for us and in no way reduces the level of our products to achieve more sales.

Finally, we have principles such as:

  • We strictly observe the rules of confidentiality and professional secrecy.
  • We never display unprofessionalism.
  • We undertake a commitment only if we believe we can create value for the customer.
  • We work with professional consistency.
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