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Rainwater Tanks

Water is a precious element that is becoming increasingly rare on our planet. Water consumption by man continues to increase, while available resources remain the same, even in danger of degradation. It is therefore essential to preserve fresh water, synonymous with life, which represents only 3% of all available water reserves on earth. ASSA is offering you rainwater tank services in Sydney so that you can start saving water!

Quality of rainwater

Rainwater has low mineralization and a slightly acidic pH. However, flowers and vegetables appreciate when the water has certain acidity and will be all the more beautiful!

However, if you live in coastal areas, know that sea salt is found in rainwater, which plants appreciate less.

What are the uses of rainwater?

You can use rainwater for different tasks, whether at home or in the garden. Thus, rainwater can be used for watering your garden, to wash the car, fill a pool or for domestic purposes. Your water needs will vary depending on your usage. For example, you will need each time:

– 190 litres of water to wash your car

– 17 litres / m² to water your garden

– 120 litres of water to run your washing machine.

So, for your garden, an external tank will suffice. The capacities can vary from 200 to 2000 litres depending on the model.

For domestic use, you can opt for a tank with very large size, usually placed underground. These tanks can hold up to 10,000 litres and are equipped with a pump that delivers water to your home.

ASSA is bringing you rainwater tanks of different sizes and types. We offer a wide range of tanks manufactured to the highest standards. ASSA only utilizes the top brands in water tank solutions to deliver you the best. Be it round, slimline, underground, under deck, large steel panel, aquaculture, aquaponics, poly chemical, industrial, or custom tanks, we have it all.

Depending on your area, you can recover an average of 620 litres of rainwater per m² of roof each year. Even in summer, you can recover up to 40 litres of water per m² of roofing.

It is very easy to calculate the volume of water you can recover. Just multiply the floor area of your house by the amount of rainfall (in meters). Remove 10% of the result, which will symbolize the losses due to evaporation.  It rains a lot in Sydney even in the summer; you can expect lots of rainwater in your tank.

It is strongly advised to:

– use a gutter collector, which will be placed directly in the gutter. Some are equipped with filters to prevent dirt, leaves, twigs or insects from falling into the tank. The resulting water will be clean and clear, and you will avoid the formation of silt that would alter the quality of your water.  It is important to have a professional install your water tank as it is a complex task. Inexperienced people with too little knowledge won’t be able to install a rainwater tank properly and it will only cause issues soon enough.

Why Choose ASSA

Lots of Sydneysiders are eager to save water by having rainwater tanks installed; however, they do not really know how to proceed as in what type of tank and etc. ASSA is excellent at customer relations and rest assured we will help you in determining the correct tank type according to your requirements. Our profoundly experienced staff will be glad to help, guaranteeing you settle on an awesome purchasing choice when you work with ASSA.

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