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Sewer Replacement

Sewers have a limited lifespan and it is normal for a homeowner to plan for a sewer replacement because even when it has been properly installed, it deteriorates due to the continued effect of the environment and the weight that slowly crushes the pipes together with vibrations of the ground. Gaskets with broken seals are also the root of major problems related to sewers and require repair or reconstruction of a sewer before the end of its expected life.

A defective seal may actually leak part of the sewage carried by the sewer which will contaminate the soil. Conversely, the defective seal may allow the water to leak out of the sewer. Either or both of these phenomena will disturb the compact soil around the pipe. Soft spots will be created allowing the weight and vibration of the soil to dislodge the pipe sections, open the joints and possibly cause major issues that will require the sewer to be replaced. In this case, contact ASSA experts and we will replace your sewer installation. In some cases, it is definitely more sensible to replace the sewer instead of fixing it.

Don’t postpone your sewer replacement

A leaking or failed sewer needs attended to urgently; our skilled plumbers use modern diagnostic tools, such as video inspection technology, to quickly assess and locate the exact nature of the problem, so they can then perform the necessary work quickly.

On the one hand, it would seem easy enough to dismantle the old cast-iron sewage pipes that have served their time and put new plastic ones in their place, tightly connected to each other. However, the apparent simplicity should not be misleading – the replacement of sewage pipes is fraught with a lot of nuances.

We undertake any scale of work, whether it is a complete installation of a sewage system in a country cottage or a whole apartment block or a partial replacement of pipes from iron to plastic.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Sewer Pipes
  • Vent Pipes
  • Inspection Points
  • Storm Water Pipes and Down Pipes

There are certain standards to be met with sewer drains – The Australian Standards for Sanitary Plumbing & Drainage (AS/NZS 3500) instructs that all sewer drains must be properly functioning and sealed to avoid sewerage to get in contact with soil and groundwater and to prevent groundwater getting in the sewer system.

After having made a camera inspection of your sewer pipes, our technicians will inform you of their condition and propose a solution. In some cases, the sewers are in poor condition and need to be repaired or replaced to avoid unpleasant surprises. Whether your sewer is connected to the public network or to an autonomous septic system, it is important to follow an approach that meets the requirements of municipal and environmental regulations. Our team of specialized technicians take care of your sewer from inspection to repair or replacement if necessary.


Demand for plumbing in the labour market is very high and constant. Many services are using this demand to their advantage by displaying poor workmanship, knowing that they will always have customers. This is not the approach ASSA has; we are driven to success by making customer satisfaction our top priority. The protection of the environment and clean work are very important to us. We take this into account at work and in our appearance.

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