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Tap and Washer Installation

Not only is a dripping tap annoying, but it can also stain your sink and waste litres of water each day. While installing a tap, it is important to install the washer properly because, otherwise, they will leak sooner or later. Do not hesitate to call ASSA for an expert plumber if your installation is very specific or if you fear to worsen the situation.

Worn out washers

This is one of the most commonly wearing elements of a tap. Washers usually wear out very quickly under the use of hot water or because the tap is squeezed with too much pressure. ASSA uses the higher quality washer in tap installations that will last a lot longer.

Washers have two general purposes: To distribute the pressure of the nut evenly over the surface, so that the surface isn’t damaged, and to make sure that the nut is pressed against a smooth surface, reducing the chance that it’ll gradually loosen because it’s in contact with an uneven surface. When they are worn out, they cannot perform the so-called purposes and the tap starts to leak.

There will be cases in which changing the washer won’t be enough to fix the leaking faucet. A complete new tap might be required to be installed and ASSA is experienced in installing all types of taps whether it is for the kitchen or the bathroom.

Important steps to check after installation:

After completing the faucet repair, we will check for leaks.

  • Open the water supply.
  • Run the water to make sure the installation is watertight.
  • In the event of a leak, we will remove the handles again and tighten the valve heads.
  • If the leak persists, we will disassemble the valve head and reassemble after adding silicone grease to the valve seal and thread.

Kitchen taps are used frequently and likely to leak at some point of use. The prevalent problems experienced are taps becoming tighter than usual or leaking tap washers. For tap repairs, ASSA uses hydro seal tap washers, so we can repair and install taps of any type or model in Sydney.

We are prepared to help you 24/7 with your leaking tap problems in Sydney! Do not wait to worsen the situation and get help today. We will install or repair your washer depending on the nature of the issue.

  1. Installation and repair of leaking shower, kitchen, toilet and etc. taps.
  2. Garden Pipes Installation & Leaking Tap Repair Sydney

We will reveal the underlying issues with your tap and advise you how to proceed – fix the issues or install a new tap with quality washers.

Here are reasons to choose our service

We provide on-point discovery of your installation problems with the expert team and technological equipment and we repair it in the fastest, cleanest and economical way. We are always grateful to our customer for choosing us. Through our references, you can have an opinion on everything we do. You can contact us 24/7 for any questions or problems you may have.

  • We have an experienced and professional team in the field
  • With the technology of the equipment used, we are always one step ahead of our competitors.
  • In our works, we keep human health, human life and safety at the forefront.
  • With our professional understanding, we can meet the requirements of today and the needs of the future.
  • We have values of security, integrity and honesty.
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