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Water Leak

Did you notice an increase in your water consumption? Are traces of moisture visible in your home? This is often the sign that a non-visible leak is present somewhere in your plumbing structure, a search for a leak in order to locate it will be imperative and following the diagnosis of our plumber, ASSA will provide you with a robust solution to the issue.

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Any leakage without timely detection is likely to cause damage to sensitive equipment and to modern professional or residential installations that are full of electrical and electronic systems.

There are many sources for a water leak:

Faucet Leaks

Faucet leaks are common instances and are not very difficult to fix.  A faucet dripping slowly at the rate of one drop every couple of seconds will waste around 3785 litres (3.7 m3) of water annually. The required repairs to fix the leak depend on the type of faucet, and there are four essential types installed in most residential properties:  compression valve, ball types, cartridge types, and ceramic discs.  Each type of faucet has unique methods of repair. Fixing leaks might be easy for some people; however, more often than not you will need certain tools to fix the issue.

Our expert plumbers carry with them all the needed tools to fix your faucet as well as any other leaking plumbing fixture. Do not waste any more time or water and contact ASSA today to stop your leak.

Toilet Leaks

It is also very common for toilets to leak in our houses. The difference with toilets is that the leaks aren’t noticed most of the time because they are silent and out of sight. You can try this method to find out if your toilet is leaking: Remove the lid and check the water level, it should be 1 inch below the top of the overflow tube. If it exceeds the overflow tube, that means water is leaking into and it and goes down the drain. The issue might have several causes such as faulty refill valve or wrongly adjusted water level. ASSA plumber experts can fix these in a matter of minutes with precision.

Shower Leaks

The shower leak is quite an unpleasant problem, which cannot be immediately noticed. Moisture can collect on any site in the bathroom for a long time, and thus cause harm, both to the finishing material and to human health. Fixing a shower leak can be more complex than a faucet or toilet leak, therefore, we highly suggest you hire a professional plumber service.

Why choose our plumber service?

ASSA closely follows developments in the plumbing sector and increases both productivity and quality while reducing project completion times and costs. Thanks to the quality of the works we have done in the public and private sectors, our company has been recognized as one of the leading services in the field by being appreciated widely.

As time forces us to change, we focus on technology and present its usefulness in our projects.

Our company has been gaining success by delivering desired results on or before time. We pride with our meticulousness and continue to work with an understanding that holds quality and customer satisfaction above everything else. We will continue to do better with you in the future.

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