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The Importance of Wet Area Ventilation

The Importance of Wet Area Ventilation

Creating and maintaining comfortable indoor air is a lot about how well ventilated the spaces are. When it comes to ventilation on your property, it is important to hire the services of experts such as the ones at All Star Services.  There are a number of different aspects that need to be taken into account when wet area ventilation is being installed.

Various Aspects of Wet Area Ventilation

As a company that has been in this industry for a number of years, we have vast experience and expertise in wet area ventilation. The different aspects involved in this job include:

  • Changing the location of the existing venitilation ducts during a remodelling or renovation project.
  • Adding new regulation ducts during home additions and extensions or improving the performance of existing systems.
  • Designing and providing complete ventilation system installation services during a turnkey project for new construction.

Why Is Wet Area Ventilation Required?

In residential structures, ventilation systems are installed to efficiently remove excess moisture and heat from the indoor air. This typically gets formed when people breathe and there is carbon dioxide or other gases in the air. Ventilation system installation is also required in order to remove toxic gases and harmful substances that can be released when you are cooking.

In most cases, residential ventilation system installation involves the installation of exhaust regulation systems that have natural motivation. This job requires a significant amount of expertise and experience, and that is what we bring to the table. We handle the complete installation expertly and to industry standards.

Maintenance & Servicing of an Existing Ventilation System

In addition to handling all types of new ventilation system installation projects, we also provide excellent maintenance and servicing of existing ventilation systems on a property. Our team can also complete all types of repairs of the systems. Regardless of whether we have installed these units on your property on not, we are more than happy to assist you with your repair and maintenance works. We cater to both commercial as well as residential clients and provide comprehensive ventilation system maintenance services which include:

  • Belt checking
  • Filter replacement
  • General assessment of the installation

These biannual checks go a long way in preventing a figure of the system and catching problems early. Living in poorly ventilated rooms can lead to various health problems, especially in high humidity areas like Sydney.

Hire the Experts

When you hire us for the job, you can rest assured that will be carried out expertly and safely.  We will assess your property thoroughly and advice you on the type of ventilation system you require. We adopt a highly customer focused approach in our work and complete the work reliably and to your 100% satisfaction. While we never compromise on quality, you will find that the services are very easy on your pocket.

Call All Star Services today for quick, efficient work, amazing service and guaranteed quality work that is done beyond your expectations. For additional information, please call us at 1300 571 758 or you can get in touch via this Contact Us form.


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